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Vorsteiner collects three generations of the BMW M3

The BMW M3 is now a completely different car than it was when it was first launched, both technically and ideologically. So it’s interesting to see three different generations of the M3 come together to take a look at how the iconic car has changed over the years. Forsteiner Recently brought the original version E30 m 3the more modern F82 M4, and the all-new G80 M3 come together to see how they are different and perhaps even the same.

From E30 to F8x M3/M4 and G80 M3

From an ideological point of view, modern M3s are not very similar to their original predecessor. The E30 M3 was a monolithic race car, built for Touring racing first. Since the diverse Touring series of racing in which BMW wanted to compete required a lot of customer-designed cars from its cars, it had to match the E30 M3 for road use. Therefore, it was and still is considered a fairly elementary package. It’s noisy on the inside, it’s solid, and its motor is a small, naturally aspirated four-wheeler. Some enthusiasts still consider it the best driving experience BMW has ever made, although some feel it’s too slow and too uncomfortable to earn that title.

Forsteiner BMW M3 Generations 03830x553

Then this photo gallery takes a completely chronological leap, all the way to F82 M4 (which is really just an M3 Coupe), which debuted in 2014. The M4 was a massive turning point for my M3/M4 for a number of reasons. For starters, it divided the models into two parts, with the four-door versions receiving the name M3 and the two-door versions becoming the M4. Before that, both versions were called “M3”. It also introduced a turbocharger to the M3/M4, something the purists were annoyed about. And while there’s a lot of criticism about the F82 M4—dope steering, slightly floppy chassis, and lackluster engine noise—its appearance is well aged. It’s more handsome looking than ever, but maybe that’s only due to the introduction of this next car.

Present G80 M3 It is the most controversial. It’s the first to get BMW’s new kidney grille design, the first to offer an eight-speed automatic – instead of the previous generation dual-clutch automatic – and the first to offer all-wheel drive. It’s also the heaviest M3 ever.

Forsteiner BMW M3 Generations 08830x553

However, thanks to the new Vorsteiner aero package and redesigned kidney grille, the front end is definitely more attractive. What this Vorsteiner insert does is split the grilles horizontally, similar to a large bumper strip, and keeps your focus on the top section of the grille. It does this by adding a horizontal retina slice in the top section but nothing in the bottom section. This type makes the lower part look like another air intake in the bumper.

This is new Forsteiner The kit consists of three main components; VRS Aero carbon fiber front spoiler, VRS Aero front spoiler carbon fiber, VRS Aero carbon fiber front grille / VRS Aero ABS front grille. The trunk lid and front spoiler are typical aerodynamic bits, adding some aggressiveness and maybe some increased downforce.

You can see all these M3 models in the photo gallery below:

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