These are the top 10 versions of the BMW M3

These are the top 10 versions of the BMW M3

BMW They have made a name for themselves as the German automaker that produces “Absolute driving machines”. In 1972 the motorsport division, the division we know as M, was initially founded to facilitate their racing program with the 3.0 CSL, perhaps better known as the Batmobile, which was instrumental in transforming the BMW brand identity to the public.

BMW didn’t make a truly sports car until the spring of 1985 It would become a benchmark that its competitors would outpace, the car that was born with its predecessor from motorsport. It is none other than the legendary BMW M3. Five generations later, the iconic car continues to deliver the ultimate driving pleasure expected of a BMW M. Over the years, the German auto giant has created special M3 versions that clearly stand out from the rest, and we’re here to top the 10 ultimate BMW M3 versions ever built.

10/10 E30 M3 DTM

We start our list with the car That made the M3 a symbol – M3 DTM. This car blew up the competition during the first group days of touring car racing, earning the occupying flag a record 41 times in the DTM series.

Not only that, but it also held championship titles in the World Touring Car, European Touring Car, British Touring Car, Italy Superturismo and even in the Australian Touring Car series from 1987 until 1992, where it was replaced by the E36.

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9/10 E46 M3 CSL

Many BMW fans agree that the E46 M3 was too The perfect combination of muscle and dexterity. The car remained as active as its predecessors, the E30 and E36, while gaining amenities to make it more livable on a daily basis.

And of course, there’s still a hardcore racetrack-focused version of the E46 called the CSL, which stands for the coupe, sporty and lightweight, that BMW fans desire. Road and Track even claim that the E46 M3 was the “perfect BMW M3 formula”.

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8/10 G80 M3 Competition

Next on our list is the most powerful and luxurious M3 ever – The latest G80 M3 competition. While its elongated kidney grille has left some BMW enthusiasts confused, there is one thing it does not fall short of the new M3, and that is luxurious performance.

There’s a quantum leap forward in terms of interior design and amenities, but it also has one of the most powerful front end you can get in a BMW M. This means you can score some insanely fast lap times around the track while sitting beautifully in a leather bucket seat. It looks like a cloud.

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7/10 E30 M3 Sport Evolution

Here’s the road version of the E30 M3 DTM – the M3 Sport Evolution. This was a thoroughbred driver’s car, and the first of only two M3 homologation cars ever made.

Sporting a lower ride height than the standard E30 M3, the Sport Evolution has a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 2.5 liters, while increasing power output by 238 horsepower. Since it was a homologation model, the car also had a front splitter and an adjustable rear spoiler.

6/10 E90 M3 GTS

The M3’s E90 series has the distinction of being the last generation to come out with a naturally aspirated engine, but boy did it take a hit, as the car was also the only V8-powered M3 produced.

Then there’s the M3 GTS, a race-focused, limited-edition version of the E90, with a signature orange finish and a fixed rear spoiler. Its 4.4-liter V8 produces 444 horsepower, and it weighs 300 pounds lighter than the standard M3. With only 135 units manufactured worldwide, this car is a definite modern classic.

5/10 E36 M3 Lightweight

The E36 began the M3’s transition from being a true road racer to becoming a softer touring car. While many purists initially disagreed with the move, in the end, the car was eventually hailed as one of the best handling cars of the 1990s.

His final version came in the form of the M3 Lightweight. True to its name, this particular version was 200 pounds lighter than the standard E36. Sound insulation was removed, along with the air conditioner, radio, sunroof, and even leather seats, then the doors were made of aluminum to complete the weight loss diet. With only about 125 models made while the model was in operation, the car now fetches more than $100,000.

4/10 F80 M3 CS

And so we came up with the modern M3 that we see nowadays. A four-door, rear-wheel drive sedan powered by a six-wheeled twin-turbo engine. The three-door coupe is no longer called M3s but M4s. Those started with the F80 series.

Before the F80 retired in 2018, BMW gave it a fitting finish with the ultimate version called the CS, or Competition Sport. Lots of CFRPs (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) were used to save about 25 pounds of weight versus the standard M3, and it has 10% more power, pushing the number up to 454.

3/10 E36 M3 GTR

Now back to the racing versions of the M3, here is the successor to the A-spec E30 – the M3 GTR. This car competed in the German ADAC GT Cup, and like its predecessor, the car was a huge success, especially in the hands of Johnny Sekoto.

The car is truly so rare that, according to CarBuzz, there have only been four of them in the world, and they are all kept by BMW.

2/10 E46 M3 GTR

We’re sure anyone who’s played Need For Speed: Most Wanted will remember the M3 GTR, but it’s more than just a street racing video game champion car. In fact, this is the first M3 to be powered by a flat-mounted V8.

More importantly, this purpose-built racing car ended Porsche’s reign once again in the early 2000s in the American Le Mans Series GT class. There was a version on the road of the M3 GTR to meet homologation requirements called Strassenversion, which BMW M calls the unicorn among the E46 M3 models, with only 10 built.

1/10 E90 M3 GT2

Last but not least, there is another racing version that has continued the M3 tradition of winning – the M3 GT2. Like the E46 M3 GTR, it competed in the American Le Mans Series, running from 2009 until 2012.

Her most notable wins came in the 24 Hours of the 2010 Nürburgring, the 2010 ILMC 1000 km from Zhuhai, and two consecutive 12 Hours wins at the Sebring.

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