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These are the M Performance Parts for the BMW M3 Touring

Customers of the new BMW M3 Touring are likely to want to make their car a little more special. After all, it’s the first M3 Tour in history, so why not make it special? An easy way to do this is to add some M Performance parts to it, as those parts come installed from the factory and are included in the final cost of the car. BMW has just released the M Performance parts that will be available on the M3 Touring and should make future customers happy.

the outside

BMW M3 Touring Parts m 06830x587

There will be quite a few exterior styling additions to the BMW M3 Touring, all made of carbon fibre. Here are all the carbon-fiber parts that will be available: the front air intake insert, mirror caps, air vent, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, antenna cover, fuel filler, and what BMW calls “clicks,” which are just small packages on the front bumper. There will also be a front lip spoiler, rear roof spoiler, and new side skirts, all of which will, of course, be carbon fibre.


Just as with the exterior, the interior will have a host of enhanced carbon fiber add-ons. For example, there will be carbon fiber door sills, open-pore carbon fiber rims, an M Performance Pro steering wheel with Alcantara rim and carbon inserts, and M Performance Alcantara backrest covers in Alcantara and carbon fibre.

There will also be two other M Performance steering wheels, one Alcantara and one leather, M Performance carbon fiber shift knobs, Alcantara armrest, Alcantara gasket, M Performance floor mats, M Performance LED door badges, M Performance locking pins, and an M key bag Performance. Basically, if you want to decorate your cabin with carbon fiber and Alcantara, M Performance will have you covered.


Here are the really exciting pieces. If you want your BMW M3 Touring to look, sound and feel truly special, these three upgrades will make a real difference. For starters, there will be an upgraded exhaust system. The M Performance exhaust comes with a semi-stacked center design and a new rear bumper to accommodate it. The new exhaust and muffler system is made of titanium, so it not only improves the sound, but shaves off seven kilograms (15 pounds).

Then there’s the M Performance file setup. It’s a mechanically adjustable setup, with height and damper adjustments. The ride height can be lowered anywhere from 5-20mm from stock height. It also helps reduce body swaying and handle more sharply while improving appearance.

Finally, there are the new wheels. M Performance offers two different telescopic wheel options on the M3 Touring. The first is the 1000M cross-spoke design, which measures 21 inches at the rear and 20 inches at the front. You can get the Style 1000 M wheels in either Frozen Gold or Jet Black Matte finishes. Then there’s the M Performance Style 963 M, with a Y-shape design, measuring 20 inches in the rear, and 19 inches in the front. Style 963 M wheels are only available in Frozen Gunmetal Gray.

With any combination of these parts, you can radically upgrade the look, feel and sound of your BMW M3 Touring so that it stands out from the crowd. There has never been an M3 Tour before and there may not be another one again. So buyers may make their cars extra special.

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