The Manhart MH3 GTR with 641 hp is a crystallized BMW M3

The Manhart MH3 GTR with 641 hp is a crystallized BMW M3

Manhart’s performance It is one of those few custom homes It’ll make you go “Fuck!” On all of her creations. And that’s exactly what we reacted to him The new Manhart MH3 GTR. These crazy men in Manhardt took The current generation of the BMW M3 competition And I asked for it to a great degree, both visually and in terms of performance.

The list of mods in Manhart’s creation is pretty impressive, and you’ll be more than willing to let go of any remaining grudges with BMW On the face of the beaver! Manhart was able to raise the performance numbers significantly with minimal hardware tweaks. The appearance is improved and the visual appearance is raised with a lot of Cool carbon fiber bit and other external features.

The interior also gets a nice carbon fiber feature that tells us how seriously Manhart takes carbon with the MH3 GTR. As for the naming, it’s quite controversial, because the “GTR” badge is so special to BMW that it was used for the only V8-powered E46 that was M3 GTR special homologation. Manhart never ceases to impress, and this cool makeover in the M3 Competition is no different.

The current generation BMW M3 Competition is a beast of cars. But that was not enough for Manhart. So they made the MH3 GTR!

Manhart goes up in the M3 competition to 641 hp

The BMW M3 Competition in stock form gathers 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque from its popular 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine. Power is sent to the rear wheels as standard (all-wheel drive is an option) via an eight-speed automatic transmission. All it takes is 3.4 seconds for this beaver face to cross the 60 mph mark.

But Manhart wanted more. To create the MH3 GTR based on the M3 competition, they upgraded the ECU with a Manhart MHtronik power box. The Software Processor alone was able to bump things up to 641 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. The S58 inline-6 ​​from BMW is clearly a very flexible engine. Imagine what a turbo upgrade would do to the MH3 GTR?! You will jump straight into the supercar zone with ease.

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Manhart MH3 GTR Gets High Driving Dynamics

To go along with the added power, Manhart has given its M3 Competition a slew of mechanical upgrades. Suspension upgrades come in two options — a set of KW coil springs or H&R lowering springs. Both of these rates bring the Bimmer closer to the tarmac and improve its position.

The reduction kit lowers things 30 mm (1.8 in) forward and 20 mm (0.78 in) rear. Furthermore, Manhart will also provide customized suspension tuning according to the owner’s needs. Stock brakes are relayed, but Manhart offers individual stop-force tuning options on demand.

Adding more audio drama to the package are custom exhaust solutions. Manhart offers a stainless steel exhaust system with a control valve and larger quad pipes, coated in ceramic or carbon fibre. For export packages, Manhart offers downpipes without catalytic converters, various other CAT options (300-cell GESI catalytic converters or 200-cell HJS catalytic converters), and Manhart omitted OPF/GPF.

Carbon fiber elements for M3 competition to look even cooler

The exterior of the MH3 GTR also gets the proper Manhart treatment. There are plenty of carbon fiber parts that elevate the sporty and aggressive character of this Bimmer. The carbon parts include a diffuser, front diffuser, side skirts, aero clickers and a rear spoiler.

The exterior is also decorated with the famous Mannhart vinyl set, which is now a highlight of the German tuner’s house. Adding even more visual power is an impressive set of custom Manhart Concave One wheels in a satin matte black finish. The front gets 20-inch 265-section tires and the rear gets 20-inch 295-section tires.

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Fantastic update to the interior of the Manhart MH3 GTR

There’s only one upgrade inside, but it’s a nice upgrade. Manhart takes the carbon-fiber game to the next level, giving the new BMW M3 Competition a luxurious set of Recaro seats in the carbon platform. These seats look unruly and give the Bimmer a race car look. It comes with plush pads lined with leather and even has the Manhart logo indented in the backrest padding.

Magic Manhart in M3 Contest Magician

Manhart has a certain style of car modification, which is very evident in all of her creations. The MH3 GTR is unique for the custom home because it is the most powerful M3 design to date. Exquisite carbon fiber seats also add to its unique appeal. Manhart hasn’t revealed pricing but a call to the custom home is sure to clear things up.

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