The BMW M3 pickup truck was a strange concept

The BMW M3 pickup truck was a strange concept

when you hear BMW And we pick up together, in a sentence, most of us come up empty. But once upon a time, there was a BMW pickup, rather than the exotic BMW M3 pickup, in more ways than one. But before we get into the BMW M3 pickup truck, let’s talk about BMW as a company.

BMW says its name means pleasure to drive, but when it comes to its actual initials, it stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, which in English means Bavarian Engine Works. BMW’s origins can be traced back to the aircraft engine industry. But after World War II, after the fall of Germany, BMW could no longer manufacture aircraft engines. So they switched to brake training and motorsports, even briefly changing the name to BFW before it was BMW again. March 7, 1916 is considered the official birthday of BMW cars.

In 1923 BMW built its first motorcycle, the R32. But years passed before she made her first car. The BMW 3/15 was the company’s first motor vehicle, first sold as the Dixi from 1927 to 1929, before finally being classified as a BMW in 1929. But it was the 1933 BMW 303 that provided kidney shaped grille Synonymous with the brand today.

The BMW M3 was finally launched in 1986, nearly 60 years after BMW made the first-ever motorized car. Then BMW decided to make the M3 pickup truck, too. But let’s take a look at the BMW M3 first.

History of the BMW M3

In the 1980s, BMW wanted a track car that could eliminate the DTM, and it had to meet FIA regulations for Group A. Which means they can make not just a one-off car, but 5,000 cars to meet homologation requirements. So they made the first M3, based on the E30 and a legend was born.

While the M3 is built on the E30 chassis, mostly everything about the car has been changed. It’s made more aerodynamic, and special body panels have replaced those on the E30 for better speed. The real magic was under the hood, as the M3 got a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine known as the BMW S14, which was based on the M1 but got a four-cylinder block from the M10. Excluding the catalytic converter, the 1986 BMW M3 made 197 horsepower and sprinted from 0 to 60 mph in less than seven seconds at top speeds of 146 mph.

Such was the reception of this marvelous sports car, that the BMW M3 name is still alive and well to this day, which means that a lot of the trim and special editions can’t be traced back. And somewhere in between was a BMW M3 pickup truck, made by BMW itself, for personal use.

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The story behind the BMW M3 pickup truck

When the BMW E30 M3 was built, BMW admired itself and the BMW M division. The M3 was so tough and daring that many of the minds who made it, thought it could also be the perfect part-hauler. While they were tinkering with the M3, someone had a great idea to make an M3 pickup truck, and to do that they used a BMW 3 Series chassis for the same.

Jakob Bolshak, Head of Vehicle Prototyping and Workshop Building at BMW M Division explained: “The convertible chassis was chosen as the basis for two reasons. First, we happened to have such a model at our disposal and in perfect condition. And secondly, the convertible’s built-in brace made it the ideal choice for a convertible. capture”.

Thus, in the same 1986, The BMW M3 pickup truck is born. If the BMW M3 pickup truck seemed narrower than the M3 of its time, it was because it carried the narrower 3 Series chassis and, initially, had a smaller engine producing 192 hp. Later, it featured a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower. The BMW M3 pickup truck went to work at the plant of the M division, masterfully moving M3 parts back and forth.

The BMW M3 pickup truck was born in 1986, did its business for 26 years, and finally retired in 2012. BMW refuses to describe the M3 pickup truck as a gimmick. Instead, it thinks purpose-built high-performance versions like this embody the BMW M philosophy. Plus, they’re a great way to train new employees and apprentices.

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Second Avatar 2011 BMW M3 Pickup

After 26 years of great service, the BMW M3 pickup truck is on its last legs. So it’s time for a successor. Again, the same formula was applied. The interior of the M3 has been integrated into the body of the 3-Series from the time, but this time around, there’s been a twist. Since April 1, BMW has decided to play a trick and market the car as a joke, an April Fools’ joke. Spy footage of the truck around the Nürburgring in Nordschleife has been leaked to the public.

The media took the bait and declared the BMW M3 pickup truck the “fourth body alternative” after sedans, coupes and convertibles. But BMW’s press release revealed, in the last paragraph, that this model was a one-off intended for factory use, just like its predecessor. He goes on to say, press releases should be read to the end, lest you miss the fine print. Or in this case the joke. But no April Fool’s Day aside, the BMW M3 pickup truck, both the 1986 and 2011 model year, is an odd concept we’d give up. And we want in our path.

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