BMW M3 Edition 50 Jahre

Limited Edition BMW M3 50th Anniversary Comes in All Right Colors

Each of the five generations of BMW M3 cars gave the coolest paint colors to commemorate M.

Fifty years of BMW M design is cause for celebration. To celebrate the performance icon’s golden anniversary, we’re getting a special edition of the car exclusively for North America.

Say hello to the M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M. It takes some of the coolest paint colors BMW has offered in its decades of M cars, some of which you won’t be able to find in any other modern car.

BMW Motorsport It was founded in May 1972. BMW’s racing program began to fade after the 1960s and 1970s, and the automaker needed to bolster it. BMW M cars such as the BMW 3.0 CSL successfully entered the race.

Its first car to bear the M badge was the mid-engine M1 sport wedge in 1978, and M followed that up quickly with the M-badged 5 Series. Next, we introduced the BMW M to the M5 in 1985 and the M3 a year later, cementing the company’s position in the high-performance Pantheon.

M3 Contest turns into a limited edition


The M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M (now called the M3 50) starts with the 2023 BMW M3 Competition xDrive.

Under the hood is that car 3.0 liter twin-turbo inline six. The engine makes 503 horsepower and gets an eight-speed automatic transmission that drives all four wheels. This gearbox would have been unimaginable in 1972. Fifty years later, even the M makes it nearly impossible to bring a stick home.

The return of 5 iconic paint colors

BMW M3 Edition 50 Jahre

Five iconic paint colors return to the M3 50 lineup. Each color represents the previous generation of the BMW M3.

The first is red cinnabar. BMW has used the shade on a few cars over the years, including the 6 Series. But it is known on the original E30 M3 chassis. This car, which was sold from 1986 through 1991, was built as a special homologation. The motorsport-derived, box-wide, four-cylinder fenders are designed to make them ready for the rules of German motorsport.

Showing off the E36 M3’s chassis is the Techno Violet. This deep purple paint was one of the rare colors used on the bodywork of an M3 built from 1993 to 1999. It wasn’t actually available until later model years once BMW converted the car to the more powerful 3.2 liter inline. Although it has appeared on some other ladies over the years, BMW has brought back the Techno Violet specifically for this special edition. It won’t be available in any other BMW in 2023.

Next up: BMW has brought back the Deep Interlagos Blue. One of the distinctive shades of the body of the E46 BMW M3, which was sold from 2000 to 2006, was the deep shade.

BMW M3 Edition 50 Jahre

Fire Orange III was a special bright orange shade of the Lime Rock Park version of the E92 M3 chassis. Although this generation of the car was sold from 2007 to 2013, BMW only made 200 copies of the Lime Rock Park. It was a 2013 Special Edition and included a lightweight Inconel-titanium exhaust.

Last up is Limerock Gray. This shade of the M3 CS Special Edition was popularized for 2018. This car is part of the F80 generation, which ran from 2014 to 2019.

Special wheels and carbon parts complete look

BMW M3 Edition 50 Jahre

Whichever color you choose, all BMW 50 cars will get 826M wheels with lace-up spokes. The wheels have an Orbit Gray matte finish not available on any standard M3 model. BMW M gives the cars a special carbon-fibre splitter at the front and the quad tailpipes at the rear in carbon and titanium.

BMW also put a carbon fiber spoiler in the rear, which complements the carbon fiber roof and new front splitter.

instead of traditional BMW logosA new classic emblem is mounted on the bonnet and trunk along with the wheel centers. With blue, navy and red overlapping circles, it looks like the original BMW M logo used in 1973.

BMW makes 500 M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M. The price of the poster will be 97,500 dollarsBMW production will start in June 2022.

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