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Is the BMW E90 M3 Saloon a forgotten gem?

Right now, during this frankly ridiculous time for used sports car values, the E92 M3 is more popular than ever. We see E92 M3s selling for amazing money on auction sites like Bring-A-Trailer and Cars and Bids. For good reason too – it looks great (the M3’s best looks in my opinion), has pure hydraulic power steering, and comes with the only natural V8 engine ever installed in an M3. However, there is actually a car that looks just like it but probably is better than not getting as much love – the E90 BMW M3 Sedan.

I don’t have official sales numbers between the E92 M3 Coupe and the E90 M3 Sedan (I can only find sales numbers for the entire E9X M3 series as a whole) but the E92 is clearly the most popular car, according to auction sales, internet posts and social media. It looks as if the four-door version has been a bit forgotten, which is a shame because it might actually be the better version.

BMW E90 M3 Sedan 750x455
I dare anyone to say they want the G80 M3 more than this

In short, the E90 BMW M3 Sedan is exactly the same as the E92 M3 Coupe, with the exception of two additional doors. It has the same engine. Superb 4.0 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that generates 414 hp and revs at over 8000 rpm; same sending options; Either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DCT; And the same chassis / suspension setup. Which means that driving is just as fun and exciting as the coupe, only with the practicality of four doors and a rear seat.

Now let’s imagine the E90 M3 sedan as a daily driver. You’ll have a family sedan, with all the luxuries and tech of a relatively modern BMW, that can fit two child seats in the back and fit all their stuff in the trunk. However, it will also have an atmospheric V8 engine that exceeds 8000 rpm, makes a noise like a dynamite chainsaw, and can withstand drifts around corners well enough to make Chris Harris smile. Honestly, what more could you want than a daily driver?

Sure, she has her problems. Their rod bearings will bomb your engine if they are not replaced and upgraded in time and can have some electronic gremlins that have become annoying over the years. However, it’s the type of car you buy, upgrade your rod bearings, and tackle any problem that arises with a smile on your face because it’s nice to drive.

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Since then, both M3 sedans have been great cars and great daily drivers. The F80 that immediately followed the E90 was more comfortable and had better technology but its S55 3.0-liter turbocharged engine, while more powerful, has never been compared to the E90’s V8, in terms of fun. And while the new G80 M3 is perhaps the best driver’s car, with sharper steering, a more capable chassis, and much more speed, it looks outrageous, its steering is totally dope, and it’s very large and high-tech.

The E90 BMW M3 arrives in this sweet spot; It’s old enough to get the classic BMW steering, uses a nice, free-breathing engine, and looks like it should for a proper BMW, while still being modern enough to live with on a regular basis. These cars are a bit older now and are collectors’ items but they shouldn’t. The E90 M3 might be one of the best sports cars for everyday drivers that BMW has ever made and you need to talk about it as much as its two-door sister.

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