Here's what makes a great BMW M3 E30 for you

Here’s what makes a great BMW M3 E30 for you

BMW He’s been making vehicles for some time now. This company is not only one of the most famous German automakers, but it has also maintained its place as one of the most popular luxury car companies of all time. This is proven by their sedans, SUVs and of course luxury sports cars.

Each company owns cars that were not well received upon their original release, but later gained recognition over the years and made the journey into the used car market. One of those cars for BMW is the E30 M3. Many people did not like this car for various reasons and quickly moved to the BMW E40 generation of cars.

The E30 generation of the BMW M3 was produced from 1986 until 1991. It was known for its simple design, which some people compared to a toaster. Since then, many car enthusiasts have called this generation the best BMW M3 generation. As you can imagine, these games fetch a decent price. This is due to how well they are respected as well as the modifications their owners have made over the years.

So, what makes this BMW so special? Is it the simple design of the car? Could it be the fuel economy or is it the speeds the BMW E30 M3 is capable of? Well in our opinion, it’s the price tag.

The best feature of the BMW M3 E30 is the price

This may seem like a moot point when discussing a car from the ’80s, but this car’s price point should be discussed. The BMW M3 E30 is the first affordable sports car from Germany. This is important because German cars have always been considered among the best, and the price of the BMW M3 E30 has made German sports cars more appreciable to more people.

In actual numbers, a 1988 BMW M3 E30 retailed for just over $35,000. It should also be noted that the value has gone up in recent years. According to, This car was valued at about $24,000 in 2012. However, the same car was valued at $67,900 just a few years later in 2015. For comparison, there was another 1988 BMW M3 E30 that sold for less than $110,000 in a private sale.

This iconic BMW car not only opened up the world of German sports cars to more people, but also created a car that not only held its value, but also added to it. This is even more special when you remember that not many people liked this car at its initial launch.

BMW is still producing the M3 and the influence of the E30 generation can still be seen. Either in design or in price. The 2021 BMW M3 started with less than $70,000. While this is not the cheapest luxury car on the market by today’s standards, it is not the most expensive. Its price seems decent compared to its competitors.

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Let’s discuss what’s under the hood

Although this is not the fastest car from the late ’80s, it should be taken seriously as a true opponent of other rides at the time. It is powered by a four-cylinder inboard engine with a maximum horsepower of 220 at 6750 rpm, According to This cruise torque is 177 lb-ft at 4750 rpm. Five-speed manual transmission.

When it comes to speeds, the 1988 BMW M3 E30 hits 151 mph. It can reach 0 to 62 mph in 6.7 seconds. Many people may consider this to be slow for a sports car, but fans of this ride know that this speed is more than enough.

Fuel economy is also important when it comes to engine and performance. This late ’80s car gets 21.38 mpg in urban environments, 32 mpg in so-called out-of-town environments, and finally, 29.4 mpg. This makes the BMW M3 E30 a fuel-efficient car for its time.

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BMW E30 M3 is a modern legend

Cars produced in the 1980s have a unique place in automotive history. This was when automakers were trying to be experimental but also found ways to fit the decade. Perhaps one of the reasons this ride from BMW is so iconic is because, from a design perspective, it appears the company wanted to create a car that would be easily recognizable as a car from the ’80s. This car is not trying to be something it is not and there is no pretension about that.

The first generation BMW M3 E30 is a legend of the modern era. It is very much in demand and people love it for various reasons. The company clearly respects this car because you can see the design influences in the more modern M3s. This might not be the most exciting car in the world, but it has a lot to offer.

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