Here's How Much a 1987 BMW M3 Will Cost You Today

Here’s How Much a 1987 BMW M3 Will Cost You Today

Few cars have such an iconic and legendary look as the BMW E30 M3. You don’t need to care much about BMW or even be a fan of the brand in order to appreciate the classic E30 now. With such widespread appreciation and affection, being behind the wheel is an exclusive feat to achieve.

Despite the money value, it’s one of those cars that doesn’t show all of itself on paper with fairly mid-range performance numbers these days but that comes alive when pushed to the limit to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. With five generations released since the first, there is no doubt that the original will always find its way into collectors’ garages.

BMW as we know and love it today wouldn’t have earned the moniker “the ultimate driving machine” had it not been for the M3. Since 1987 is the last production year for the original M3 and M3 Evo 1 models, let’s take a look at what it would cost to have a good chunk of motorsport and motorsport history in your garage.

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What is the BMW E30 M3?

Word started circulating in the rumor mill in mid-1985. That summer, the German automaker’s media began building their readers’ expectations for the fastest BMW 3 Series to date. The numbers lead critics to believe that the new sports car will surpass its class. With over 200 horses, a top speed of over 140 mph, and a sprint of 60 mph in just under 7 seconds. However, the downside is that those who want the “most dynamic BMW 3 Series ever” have to wait until at least 1986.

The media at the time was confirming her point by saying that anyone “who wants to be on top needs a turbocharger under the hood”. However, thanks to its impressive four-cylinder engine, the BMW M3 became the most successful touring car in motorsport history (no turbo needed). The M3 project was launched only a few months ago. Production of the mid-engine sports car M1 has been on hold for some time and BMW CEO Eberhard Kuenheim has requested a new sports project with the “M” badge. After one of his regular visits to BMW headquarters in Munich, he casually said: “We should put a sports engine in the 3 Series.” The rest was history.

Unlike the mid-engined M1 sports car, the BMW M3’s plan was that it wouldn’t be made by hand in small batches. The vehicle is set up to be produced as a homologation production vehicle on an assembly line. It is already destined to compete as a Group A racing car, which, to read, should be defined as a “production car,” meaning that at least 5,000 units must be built within a year according to motorsport regulations. This means the M3 should be able to do everyday tasks, all while being a touring car underneath. BMW executed the mission with true German precision, and the M3 legend was born in 1986.

How much does a 1987 BMW M3 cost?

For the first two years of the BMW M3’s life, the first car succeeded the Evolution 1 that was only built in 1987. Despite this, any car built in 1987 is bound to cost you some serious bucks nowadays as prices to complete the original homologation Special from BMW, keep going.

Recently according to, a 1987 example of an E30 M3 sold for just $60,000. According to their records, The average price for the 87 E30 M3 on the market today is around $57,343. However, this is subject to a variety of factors that affect the price of any used car. It is the condition of the vehicle, total miles traveled, number of owners, comprehensive maintenance and the date of the particular vehicle. It’s easy to list rare specs and extremely low mileage cars that sell for over $150,000 if the right buyer comes along.

If you happen to come across one of BMW’s best spinoffs made in 1987 called the Evolution 1, it’s likely to be You’re looking around the $60,000 markWhich isn’t much different in price compared to a standard car, if you’re in the market for an E30 M3 we’d suggest you find the Evo 1 because it’s likely to hold its money better in the long run as well as have a slightly better performance. We’ve seen cars listed for around $40,000 Which if you ask us for a lot of cars for money. When you factor it in, this won’t buy you a mid-spec BMW SUV that will undoubtedly lose 40% of its value once it hits 1,000 miles on the clock.

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