Here are the reasons why we love the BMW E30 M3 from Redux

Here are the reasons why we love the BMW E30 M3 from Redux

The BMW The E30 M3 was the car that rose in popularity of the “M” series. This car gained a long standing reputation between 1984 and 1990 – a schedule that made it to the top during many motorsports. When making the perfect collector’s item, it’s no surprise that Redux is back on the drawing board to reimagining the classic Bimmer. This time around, however, the E30 M3 will pack a serious punch under the hood and show some changes from an aesthetic point of view. However, who is Redux, and how do they plan to restore the BMW E30 M3 to the “official glory” that oozes modern performance?

For starters, Redux Leichtbau (Leichtbau is German and translates to “Lightweight”) is a British-based company aiming to revamp the E30 M3. This classic will debut with a lighter curb weight than the original, in line with the company’s goals. However, it is important to note that Redux decided to perform only 30 iterations of this car in its first stage. Here, potential customers looking to make a purchase are presented with the option to purchase an original E30 M3 restyle or source Redux for them. While some modified BMW E30 M3 has taken the car market, here’s what we loved about the Redux’s transformation of this classic.

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8 The makeup process tells the story of human craftsmanship

The BMW E30 M3 was remodeled due to a simple query by the founder of Redux – Simon Lord. Here, wonder what BMW would do differently if it released another version of the E30 M3 after the Sport Evo. After much deliberation, it was considered that the E30 M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Leichtbau) would be a perfect fit.

The BMW E30 M3 by Redux reaffirms the unwavering standards that human craftsmanship can set. For some context, restoring the shell and incorporating the exclusive specification of “Simon Lord” would take a total of 4,000 hours. According to Redux, the total build procedure can take up to 18 months.

7 Get an interior decoration that highlights your design requirements

Following the “Enhance. Evolve” tagline, the interior of the E30 M3 from Redux is meant to meet your needs, no matter how elaborate. It features seats that meet ‘Race Day’ specifications. Moving forward, the interiors of this vintage style will be comfortable, detailed, and serene to give willing patrons an unparalleled ambiance.

Also, the E30 M3 will not have the typical add-ons that came with the original car. Taking a leaf from other high-quality kitchens, Redux will add its own custom ingredients. Since this vehicle will be manufactured based on the buyer’s requirements, there are many changes they can implement. No matter how strict their preferences are, Redux is determined to go the extra mile.

6 Redefining Exterior Aesthetics with Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The original BMW E30 M3 earned its reputation for exterior styling that has won the minds of even the most sophisticated car enthusiast. Well, Redux aims to preserve this evergreen fame as it has gone for Paint Protection Film (PPF). This item is one of the stables of an entity that is appreciated for its unique offerings – Topaz Tailoring.

While some may appreciate the additional aesthetics that PPF provides, it is essential to understand where it comes from. For context, these additions have been applied to military vehicles and helicopters to protect their sensitive areas from debris and other foreign interference. With the PPF attached to the BMW E30 M3, a car’s paint job is bound to stand the test of time, minimizing scratches on the exterior.

5 Mind-boggling engine specs under the hood

The original BMW E30 M3 was famous for dominating the style Deutsche Turnwagen Masters (DTM). Redux is looking to step things up with its naturally-tuned 2.5-liter S14 inline-4 (up from 2.3 liters). However, at least one customer was equipped with a turbo engine.

Although the original E30 M3 Evo had 240 horsepower, Redux re-engineered the engine to pack extra power—up to 390 wild horsepower for the turbo version. Results? A balanced, fast ride that brings man and machine together in perfect harmony.

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4 Solid, durable wheels mounted with active brake discs

Redux has aluminum wheels, we can see a group of people hiding behind the spokes AP . Racing BrakesKnown for their high performance on and off the track. In addition, Michelin tires offer everything one could ask for.

To give this revamped ride the balance it deserves, Redux chose EXE-TC adjustable dampers. With these additions, the BMW E30 M3 from Redux is able to handle both twisty roads and challenging tracks.

3 Lightweight Inconel Exhaust System

Inconel is a branded entity known for offering exhaust systems that integrate genuine iron-chromium alloys. With the Inconel exhaust on Redux’s E30 M3, the potential for discoloration, even when temperatures reach boiling point, is practically non-existent.

Because of the large amounts of inherent nickel, the exhaust is thin and lightweight. A different version of Formula 1 cars, the Inconel exhaust system bundled with Redux’s regeneration, offers end users a high-end experience.

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Carbon fiber is found throughout the remodeled BMW E30 M3 by Redux. The outer part is made of this material, which gives it an additional aesthetic mark. While the original car’s roof was made of steel, Redux aims to shed some weight by replacing it with a carbon fiber-based roof. This replacement goes all the way to cover the A-pillars and scuttle panels.

Does the carbon fiber train end there on the Redux’s E30 M3? not exactly. Redux removed the steel door skins from the actual E30 M3 to include a pre-made carbon fiber variant to prevent the doors from being too bulky. These newly attached leathers are vital because they provide an extra measure of crash protection.

1 VIP experience from start to finish

While this vehicle guarantees customers a VIP experience from start to finish, let’s take a look at the VIP treatment you’ll get if you’re lucky to buy one of the thirty units. First, there is a concierge that provides you with the perfect donor E30 M3 for modification.

However, if you insist on bringing an M3 you already own, Redux will check it from top to bottom to put everything in perspective. You don’t have to bat an eyelid for the logistics, because Redux takes care of it all. After a lengthy reconfiguration process, the E30 M3 undergoes a fleece process to ensure that the vehicle’s parts function as intended. Willing patrons should note that Redux CEO, Simon Lord, will deliver the vehicle. Things don’t get any better from this.

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