BMW E36 M3 1998 model in silver with automatic transmission for sale on cars and auctions

E36 BMW M3 Cars and Bids Sky High can sell

Until a few years ago, the E36 جيل generation BMW M3 It was one of the best values ​​in sports car buying. Available in both coupe and sedan, the E36 M3 has gone through a lull in which shoppers can find good examples for $5,000. Now, though, the chickens are back in the house to sit. Examples of the E36 BMW M3 are no longer underappreciated, rather they are heading towards exorbitant prices.

Will the E36 M3 fetch a high price?

1998 BMW M3 | Cars and Bids

Currently listed on Cars and Bids1998 BMW M3 in great condition. It’s a sedan with 141,000 original miles on it. While that may sound relatively high in the BMW world, it’s not too bad for its age.

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