At $23,750, is the 1999 BMW M3 Convertible a tough deal?

Good price or no dice 1999 BMW M3

Today’s seller Good price or no dice M3 can’t understand why ’boutique specialty dealers’ are asking for more than $30,000 for E36 M3s, but the numbers It is none of their business. Our job is to kick the tires of this car and judge its supposedly low price.

Comments on yesterday 2007 Honda Element SC Filled with competing opinions on the model from both owners past and present. Some asserted that the Element is a horrible car that gets a massive amount of gas and should feel terrible about itself. On the other side of the coin, there are those who consider the Element a great car and the last Honda to date to distinguish Really interesting design. That split extended to Honda’s asking price of $6,950. Almost half of you thought this was a good deal, but in the end, it was the naysayers who won, ultimately giving the car a narrow but decisive 52 percent loss with no dice loss.

Hey, do you like options? Now, I don’t mean like multi-page delicious food menu and options. This is too much. I just mean the flexibility, for example, in choosing to drive a closed car with a hardtop or an open car Convertible. everyone in the same car.

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today 1999 BMW M3 Both of these options in addition to the mid-floor offer a convertible roof that protects from the weather but provides Little or no protection from knife-wielding psychopaths. With the metal roof in place, you get these two advantages. asecond abbreviation, With the top either lowered or off, you can enjoy sunny driving. To get through this wonderful trilogy, it is explained in M3 ad these two soft and The tops have been mechanically and aesthetically updated.

Because of this work, the surfaces of the Hellrot Red M3 complement well. The car looks very nice on the outside, with paint-cracking and a set of Style 23 wheels that are reasonably clean and untarnished for a factory-new look. By the way those wheels Wrapped in new tires.

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Inside, things show a bit of their age. Sports bucket seats and door struts are proof of this from wear and tear, but it Not anything unusually excessive for the age of the car. On the plus side, everything looks clean and well maintained out of wear and tear, seller claims it’s not It suffers from a saggy glove box as is typical of BMWs of this era.

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Under the hood, things look similarly clean and judicious. However, the underside shows some gloom, evidence of something doing a little crying above. Technically speaking, the US-market S52 E36 M3 delivered 240 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque from the factory. It’s hard to tell how much of this tube is left here afterwards More than 20 years and 79,000 miles of use. However, they all go through an SMG six-speed automatic to a limited-slip differential in the rear.

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The seller describes the car as having “ICE cool a/c, transmission is smooth original shifting and works hard, and the engine tune sounds amazing.” The ad also mentions that the motor is powered by the original water pump and claims this is proof that it has never overheated. According to the seller, the items on the car’s to-do list are new front bushings and tie rod ends and this issue is with seat wear.

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The title is clean and the price is $23,750. This price, according to the seller, is much lower than what most dealers and other sellers of private parties ask for cars of lower condition. Why is this one supposed to be so cheap? Well, as the seller explains, hmm Do not understand why others are so expensive. All we know is that it is now time for us to consider and offer our possible explanations.

What do you think, is the triple M3 worth $23,750 as offered in its ad? Or is this price not the deal the seller confirms?

It’s your decision!

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