At $20,990, can the 2011 BMW M3 prove to be a good deal?

Good price or no dice 2011 BMW M3

While BMW may have some of the best wheel designs in the business, those out there are nowadays Good price or no dice The M3 proves that some people still need something a little more cheerful. Let’s see if this M3 price is just as bright.

For something more than just a toy car, yesterday 1923 Ford Bucket T Roadster It certainly caused a lot of drama in the poll. The neck and neck were there all morning, and the thumbs up were only superior to the lower thumbs by the narrowest of margins. There was a lot of holding on to the pearls as a result, but in the end, the vote flipped sending Bucket’s $23,500 down at a no-dice loss of 52 percent. I guess it wasn’t seen as just a drop in the bucket. I will show myself.

Owning a toy car is not a bad idea. What’s better, though, is owning a toy that’s also a fairly well-rounded vehicle and one designed to keep you safe in case things turn pear-shaped or one that only offers civilized skills like air conditioning and windows.

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today 2011 BMW M3 She is just such a car. And with the S65 V8’s four-liter engine barking mischievously under the hood, it should prove to be a pretty solid game, too. The ad says the engine produces 420 horsepower, or about six more than the manufacturer claims. These extra ponies may have been found by deleting the secondary cat mentioned in the ad. This will take some of the back pressure off the exhaust, and can lead to increased production. Or maybe it’s just a rounding error.

Either way, anything over 400 horsepower seems to be the ticket to ride these days. However, the current M3 makes more than that, although it does so via a turbocharged six rather than a powerful V8. The E90 series was the last M3 to use a V8 engine (so far), and this was the model’s peak cylinder count to date.

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Here this big mill is supported by Seven speed DCT (Dual clutch gearboxAnd before you get too excited about the clutch Part of this three-word title, understand that there’s no clutch pedal here and that everything is done for you beyond slapping a short gearshift lever or flaping the paddles behind the wheel when the mood strikes. For those purists who crave the real stick, take solace in the fact that DCT It gives you a seventh gear that you can play with, and if it’s a complete guide, you’ll probably get a tennis elbow or something trying to find that extra gear. All manual M3s of this era are just a six-speed.

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The rest of the car looks reasonably good for its over a decade of life and 90,000 miles on the road. Although it is not outrageously modified, it does come with some additional functions. These include a refitted ex-exhaust and dirt, a license plate bracket screwed into the tow hook mount, two carbon-fiber kidneys, a rear spoiler, and in what is likely to prove to be the most controversial of the changes, a set of Avant red metallic Garde M540 wheels stand for the factory units. The tape measure shows that those are 19 inches in diameter instead of tires, and they appear to be wearing some sort of art project where a thin coat of black paint replicates the Michelin style. I’m kidding, of course, but these are some very skinny tires and probably make the ride a little more brutal than the factory intended.

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However, wheels and tires are an easy fix. Mechanical problems in a modern-day BMW are less easy to correct and can be expensive. Fortunately, the M3 has been described as “in excellent running condition” and is said to have been “kept in the garage” which at least makes it a good starting point on paper.

The ad does not mention maintenance and repair records, so a good check before buying may be warranted here. This will set the potential buyer back a few hundred dollars. There is also a noticeable ding in the back just from the fuel filler that the paint-free dent pull can work quickly. There are a few hundred more. Other than those obvious issues, there don’t seem to be many red flags here. A clean address could seal the deal. That, of course, if the car’s $20,990 price tag seems right.

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This gives you the latest V8 M3 convertible and the bragging rights you buy 420 horsepower. What do you say, is this solid looking M3 worth it? Or, does that price mean that it will be difficult to find a new buyer?

It’s your decision!

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