At $19,500, could a 1995 BMW M3 Coupe be a car forever?

Good price or no dice 1995 BMW M3

Today’s seller Good price or no dice M3 claims to be happy to answer any questions one might have About the history of the car. The question we are most interested in answering is whether the asking price will be guaranteed A bright future with a new owner.

The 2001 Saturn SC2 We looked last Friday It may not be the kind of car you want to drive for the rest of your life, but at certain points in that so-called life, It will make a lot of sense. clean display and The humble asking price of $2,995 made that humble car’s bargain out of a quirky car and now push the chrysanthemums Brandand got Saturn Strong win by 82 percent from Nice Price.

Since we’re talking about life stages and what cars you might be considering good candidates for During these phases, I think we’ll have to think about brands and models that have a bit more appeal than the thing I just described as “modest”.

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This is amazing BMW M3 1995 It might just be such a competitor. Also, since the original E30 M3 has now settled into crazy town as far as prices go, this model can be considered next one (generation) the best thing. These are built in much larger numbers than the E30 M3 and across two More body styles. That doesn’t mean they’re a dime a dozen, though. Prices are starting to rise On E36s just like they did employment E30 . predecessors before going through the roof. For second-generation cars, what was once a car under ten thousand is now typically priced in a teenage year. Who knows what will happen to their values ​​in the next five to ten years.

Of course, when it comes to choosing the E36 M3 body style, – coupe, sedan, Or convertible – it’s the two-door hardtop that remains the go-to for both the traditional and the non-traditional alike. This leads us to a frustrating concern when looking at these cars. When it was relatively cheap, a lot of these were funky The owners felt the need to compliment them, which left us all with a few precious things bone stock As when They left the factory.

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Fortunately, this black on black example is almost completely stock. There is one notable modification, and it is a major modification. who – which mod is the engine. Being an American-spec car, this original M3 rocked the 2,990 cc version of the S50 DOHC straight six. The ad says that the engine is gone, and has been replaced by another 3.2 liters six. Based on Peak under the hood, the S50 is still milled, and should produce the same 240 horsepower. at 236 lb-ft, The larger engine’s torque is about 10 lb-ft more than its smaller sibling. All these numbers are provided via a five-speed manual gearbox.

The replacement engine is not that big A bargain, especially on BMW. With just 98,500 miles under its belt, this car’s need for a new heart seems to require a bit more explanation than the ad shows. This is good though Because the seller notes he is happy to answer any questions.

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There is no doubt that the rest of the car looks very good. The paint looks perfectly serviceable despite being a factory coat. The seller notices a few clicks and chips here and there, but nothing too big for it to show up in the ad photos. The car comes with two sets of wheels, the ones on the car in the pics and the original alloy set (model 22?) M3.

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Popping inside reveals a fully prepared cabin and go. A set of “Vader” buckets sit up front against the stock dash and aftermarket stereo. There is a little wear and tear on the leather and on the carpeted floor mats, but overallThere is little here to complain. The seller noted that the driver’s seat heater is in Fritz condition, but he claims It’s an easy solution. Hell, if that were an easy fix, it would already be fixed, Prince?

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That’s just one mystery in this BMW ad. The other is why the engine was replaced and what is the story (mileage, maintenance history, etc.) alternative? All this will be shown in the seller’s questioning by a potential buyer.

Before we get to that, we need to discuss the price. This is $19,500 which is the highest price for these cars. However, this seems very cute And, Except for the replaced engine, a fairly stock example. That’s it It deserves some study. We’ll have to find out what you all think. What do you think of this M3 and this $19,500 price tag? Is that just par for the course in these trying times? Or is this just crazy on its own?

It’s your decision!

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