AC Schnitzer's tuned BMW M3 is more than just power and aero upgrades

AC Schnitzer’s tuned BMW M3 is more than just power and aero upgrades

Hard to believe what’s new BMW The G80 BMW comes at a year old. With the likes of Manhart and Haman being upgrades for this car. Now the legendary tuner AC Schnitzer enters the competitive market. With the time spent working with the new BMW platform, the brand now offers a range of upgrades for BMW M3 owners. AC Schnitzer offers a range of exhaust, engine, suspension and visual upgrades. With all this, the owner can really make his car. With a full range of components, German tuners are confident their parts stand out from the competition.

With over 600 horsepower and an aggressive new stance, the AC Schnitzer M3 needs your attention.

This is how AC Schnitzer enhances the power of the M3

According to AC Schnitzer The sixth generation of the M3 is considered an “example of sporty driving”. This G30 is the most powerful M3 ever, with a regular car rated at 480 horsepower. The Competitor Model 510 HP. AC Schnitzer writes, “You can feel this extra power and sportiness in the M3 by AC Schnitzer in every driving situation: on the racetrack as well as in everyday driving on public roads.” The company guarantees it After working recently with the new G22 and G23 4 series. The first place the company turns to improve performance is the powerful S58 engine. By improving its performance, AC Schnitzer can increase the vehicle’s power to 610 hp. While he’s not an earth-shattering character, this definitely sees the M3 getting more punch under the hood. To complement this power-optimized figure, the tuners offer a stylized hood that adds a hint toward the car’s improved performance.

The engine in the M3 can produce more power than this. However, AC Schnitzer writes, “To be on the safe side, we prefer not to extract the maximum power possible but instead ensure greater power, which means longer engine life.” The company knows they do and rGently modified BMW’s new M240iThe company recommends that drivers use the 98 Octane and install it after driving 2,000 km in the car, to ensure that the running period of the car passes easily. This tuning package is sold as a “plug and play” upgrade, which means that customers can install this themselves with relative ease. Although more experience is necessary to install most of its modifications.

Power isn’t the only way AC Schnitzer changes to improve vehicle performance. The company offers multiple suspension packages, with an adjustable group and a regular solid spring assembly.

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AC Schnitzer Increases M3’s Aero

The aerodynamics of the G80 M3 has undergone an overhaul of the previous generation F80. Most notably the change in the anterior renal retinaculum. With more room in the front, the engine can take in more air and thus run a more powerful engine. According to BMW“The powerful proportions and distinctive design of the 4-door 3-box with the sporty character typical of an M”. But that doesn’t mean AC Schnitzer turns a blind eye to this aspect of the car. The company provides everything you need to set up your own M3 track. Or at least it looks like you’re headed on the right track.

The first and most notable part, the carbon rear spoiler, adds a glimpse of DTM racing to this fantastic BMW saloon. On the front end of things, the air conditioner improves the front end with an updated front fender. With an upgraded sport-look front splitter featuring lateral balls, it will surely keep the front flush with the tarmac whether on the road or on the track. This sporty aesthetic continues at the rear of the car, with the AC Schnitzer rear diffuser and upgraded exhaust pipes.

For those not headed to the track, AC Schnitzer has another package on offer. A modest trunk wing, sort of like a 911’s duck tail, and a roof spoiler. The perfect solution for customers who want to upgrade their vehicle to stand out from the rest of their BMW but without drawing attention to themselves in the parking lot. The tuners also offer a range of side skirts.

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M3 AC Schnitzer has a new look

AC Schnitzer is known for overhauling the look of sports cars. This begins with a set of posters that recall the company’s 35th anniversary. Change car wheels for 2, 10 options. With a little more customization, the company offers custom hubcaps and wheel nuts.

The aesthetic choices continue inside the vehicle. By bringing the racetrack inside the car, AC Schnitzer offers a custom racing-inspired steering wheel. With an Alcantara top and bottom paired with the leather sides, this makes your M3 even more special.

Obtaining these parts from AC Schnitzer has a small degree of complexity. You must add these parts to what the company calls a wish list, then pass them through their portal to the nearest AC Schnitzer dealer. At this point, the customer then receives the specified price for the required performance improvement.

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