10 Quirks and Features of the New BMW M3 2023

10 Quirks and Features of the New BMW M3 2023

The BMW M3 has been around for a long time, 36 years to be exact, and unlike the 911, a lot has changed since its inception. Starting with a four-cylinder and moving up to a six-cylinder mill, then to a V-8, and back again to a straight six, the M3 saw it all. BMW was around the block a few times before settling on the M3 in its cozy six-cylinder home that it still resides in to this day. The M3 has gone through six different generations in the following order – E30 (’86 – ’91), E36 (’92 – ’99), E46 (’00 – ’06), E90/2/3 (’07 – ’13), F80/2/3 (’14 -’20), and finally, G80/2/3 (’21 -Present) (0/2/3 parking for sedan, coupe, cabriolet.). Here, our focus is on the G80 M3 and, more specifically, its quirks and features.

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iDrive 8 with a curved screen

The 2023 M3 is blessed with the latest iDrive 8. Designed with a single, large screen that links the dashboard to the infotainment screen, it’s not exactly what you’d want in a performance car, let alone a car with a manual transmission. As more and more cars turn to digital controls for prompts like climate control, volume and navigation, cars left with hard buttons look a lot more appetizing. The Mk8 VW Golf R has so many digital buttons that you can’t even complete a lap on the racetrack without your fingers accidentally pressing buttons on the steering wheel to change driving modes. While the iDrive 8 fits nicely in the new BMW iX, it does feel a bit strange here. Obviously, he just got slapped in the G80 M3 without much thought.

Michelin or Perillas?

When you order your new M3, you should know everything that came with the car, right down to the tires. As the new M3 rolls off the truck, you can peek to see what shoes you’re wearing. He rides on a Pirelli PZ4 and you don’t think much; You see the next car driving off the truck – the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. You think that’s because it’s a different variable, but nope, the same variable. The new M3s come with two different types of tires, all you have to do is pray yours with what you want, otherwise, have your checkbook ready.

No hands free trunk!

The M3 isn’t a Ferrari F8, it’s a practical everyday car for enthusiasts, a great one-car solution. Imagine this, you’ve just traded in your 2015 BMW 328i for a new M3 and you’re taking it on its first shopping trip. Back in your car, your hands full of groceries, pass your leg under the back of the car waiting for the trunk to open. You look around to see if anyone thinks you’ve lost your britt, then pull again…no luck. And that’s when you think that BMW did not equip the new M3 with a hands-free boot option as it did with the previous generation 3 Series!

All attention on the odometer

As with most cars with a digital instrument cluster, BMW M3 It has several different settings to choose from – on both, the iDrive 7 as well as the iDrive 8. For example, on the 2019 VW Golf R, you can switch between all the different settings on the digital instrument cluster and keep the odometer visible. With the M3, if you want to see the odometer, the odometer is all you’ll get.

There is no active driving assistant in the M3 manual

The presence of standard cruise control with manual transmission has been around for a long time. Adaptive cruise control with manual transmission has also been done before in a few cars. However, the M3 is not a beneficiary of the latter. With only eight speeds, the M3 Competition features BMW’s Active Steering Assist. This is a great feature that allows you to enjoy a long distance sailing trip, keeping you in your lane and slowing down with the traffic for you. Unfortunately, you can’t get this system in a six-speed manual, unlike other manual sports cars like the Civic Type R or Mustang GT 5.0.

Brake channels for better breathing

When you’re trailing your new M3, you want to make sure the brakes stay cool. BMW has designed a quick and easy way to get more air into your brakes. If you turn the wheel left or right, you can look closely at the front of the wheel and remove a small plastic flap that allows more air to enter the brake. Cool Full, BMW! (No pun intended).

Different badges for different models

A quick and easy way to tell if your new M3/M4 on the road is a six-speed manual is by looking at the badge color. If it’s chrome, that means it’s a base model, and therefore only a six-speed manual. If it’s black, it means it’s a competing model with an eight-speed automatic.

Only one door panel color

If you don’t think BMW is trying to cut costs with the new M3, this might change your mind. For the 2023 model, you can no longer get the Kyalami or Silverstone interior color with the matching door panel colors, it only comes in solid black.

Missing the ambient lighting of the center console?

Ambient lighting wouldn’t be the main reason to buy the new M3, but at the end of the day, it’s still an expensive luxury item and shouldn’t have any obvious cost-cutting measures. While there is no shortage of ambient lighting in the BMW X5, the same cannot be said of the M3. On either side of the center console are two aluminum slats that look like an ambient light strip. When the sun goes down and the lights come on, you’ll notice that there’s nothing lit in the center of the cabin, just the little stripe on the passenger above the glove box and the little strips on the doors. If this is really annoying, don’t worry, Aftermarket has some solutions for you.

Set the form

The G80 M3 comes in three different configurations, the base M3, the M3 Competition, and the M3 Competition X-Drive (all-wheel drive). The Base M3 is the slowest and smoothest of the bunch (473 hp, 406 lb-ft), and you can only get this model with a six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. The M3 Competition is a stronger variation (503 hp, 479 lb-ft) of the M3 and is sharper and faster than the base M3. You can only get the M3 Competition with an eight-speed automatic transmission aimed at everyday driving rather than sheer driving pleasure.

Finally, the M3 Competition X-Drive is a sports sedan with 0-60 records that rival Ferrari (2.98 seconds). You can only get this model with an eight-speed automatic because it is mechanically identical to the regular M3 competition with the addition of all-wheel drive. Why would BMW make the slower, more comfortable M3 a manual-only option? They should have considered making the M3 Competition a manual option only because it puts more emphasis on enthusiasm.


The new BMW M3 is an incredible engineering feat. It’s amazing how good it is at traveling cross country at high speed as well as tearing up the racetrack, rivaling the characteristics of the M5. Some say that’s good, some say that’s bad, however, it really is an amazing car, that does it all.


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