10 Coolest Modifications for the E36 BMW M3

10 Coolest Modifications for the E36 BMW M3

When was the last time you had a doubling after noticing an M3? The BMW E36 M3, manufactured from 1992 to 1999, will always remain one of the most beloved cars. BMW M cars.

Bimmer enthusiasts around the world respect the unique style of the E36’s chassis. E36 BMW cars are constantly driven on the track as well as on the road as daily drivers. Its versatile mechanical nature and retro body style allow for many aesthetic and performance modifications that enhance the classic chassis. E36 BMW M3 modifications can include anything from the famous LTW GT Wing to a complete S54 E46 M3 engine swap. These cars are much easier to modify to your preferred specifications than modern BMW cars that are heavy with electronics.

The end of the E36 signaled the start of adding more savings account electric components to modern BMWs. The E36 is a chassis that will remain highly valued in the second-hand market, where classic cars with the mechanical and aesthetic style of the E30 and E36 will likely never be made again. Check out more details about this chassis in this article about the history of the E36 in this article. It would be surprising to see BMW make a new series of vintage-themed cars, but, like Craigslist and other used market prices, most Bimmer fans don’t expect that to happen. Let’s admire the E36 BMW M3 in this article and take a look at the exciting modifications that E36 owners continue to make.

The E36 M3 is a completely different car when placed next to the previous generation M3. The E36 M3 was the first M3 to have a 6-cylinder engine, for example. It also replaced the M5 for a few years as the highly sought-after M sedan in the mid-’90s during the M5 production hiatus. Check out the most interesting details about the E36 M3 here.

Whether it’s the sweet roar of the six-cylinder or the comforting old-fashioned E36 wing, this is a car that continues to soar with age.

10 LTW GT . suite

It is said that the LTW GT Wing is one of the The best visual upgrades for the BMW E36 M3which instantly raises her noticeable athletic level and makes her even cooler.

Although the original wings are not easy to find, and expensive to find, there are aftermarket options available, such as the MAShaw copy suite.

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9 S54 E46 BMW M3 Motor Swap

Switching out an engine to get extra horsepower seems like a tough task, right? Well, it’s true, but if you can add more than 60 horsepower to the wheels with a new engine and internal components, it might be worth it.

Some owners of the BMW E36 replace the 338-horsepower E46 M3 S54 for the E36 S50, which developed 282 hp prior to 1995, and 318 hp after the ’95 facelift. Make sure you are aware of all the laws when looking for an E36 M3 engine replacement.

8 TRM OBD1 Turbo Kit

Do you like a slower reel with a higher power range or a faster reel with less added power? TR Well known among Bimmer enthusiasts as they create custom turbo kits that stand out with every engine they work with. They make a Stage 1 turbo kit and a Stage 2 turbo kit, Stage 2 is a higher powerband but a slower spool.

The first stage is recommended for most people looking to add a little boost to their amazing E36 engine without having to deal with engine swapping. They do not recommend “one size fits all” kits, as these kits tend not to improve a particular engine’s boost capacity.

7 camshaft partner upgrade

Shrek has been known to make sports camshafts using the same tools they make race-ready camshafts. They understand the modern car and what is reliably possible.

Upgrading the camshaft will improve the performance of the intake and exhaust valves in your vehicle’s engine, resulting in improved engine performance. Partner, similar to TRM, is mentioned as a reliable parts manufacturer in many enthusiast BMW threads.

6 kony yellow shocks with ground control coils

“Koni Yellows with Ground Control” is an answer found in many of the Bimmer forum threads online to questions regarding which suspension setup to run with the BMW E36. Koni Yellow shocks are adjustable shocks that allow the driver to adjust the “hardness” of the ride and are well-reviewed on a variety of websites as a good pairing with sport or lower springs.

The ground control springs allow the driver to adjust their vehicle’s height and are positively reviewed as a great match for the Koni Yellows.

5 exhaust remus

Remus makes some of the coolest exhaust setups for BMW. It is remarkably unique in the category of low-pitched exhaust sounds that produce a serious rumbling-like noise.

They look great too, and are usually branded on top of each tube. It produces clean noises that are not prone to drones at highway speeds and sounds full and meaningful when accelerating.

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4 Radiator and Electric Fan Mishimoto

One of the most mechanically sound ways to improve a vehicle’s performance is to ensure that the engine does not overheat when driving enthusiastically. The popular Mishimoto Radiator and Electric Fan upgrade is a well-known improvement on many sports cars, especially for cars where the original parts inevitably become obsolete and require replacement either way.

The cooling system is, of course, critical to the longevity and daily health of any engine. BMW owners who enjoy taking care of their vehicles understand the importance of cooling system maintenance, and for this reason, upgrades to the cooling system are common. Electric fans reduce drag caused by mechanical fans. This is especially useful when driving in hot climates or in choppy traffic, for example.

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3 Epac Sway Bar

The boat-like wobble that a driver feels when driving a heavy sedan around a corner at too fast a speed is a problem if spirited driving is a frequent target.

Should an E36 owner wish to indirectly improve handling, one option is to place an impact bar in the engine bay that can slightly increase stability and enhance the impressive weight distribution for which BMW is known. Reducing body roll can help increase stability when tackling corners quickly.

2 3.38 LSD

Switching the LSD to a stock open differential can increase the performance of the E36, especially the non-M E36. In the case of the E36 M3, the difference may seem small on paper, but many claim swapping the E46 LSD into the E36 is a huge improvement, similar to swapping the E46 engine into the E36.

In general, a higher gear ratio allows unlocking more power by sending more torque to the rear tires.

1 M3 CSL brakes

For sports cars, responsive brakes that do not overheat are critical. Sometimes, improved performance alone isn’t the best overall car modification. The CSL M3 is currently a rarity, and some of the parts on CSL vehicles are very valuable upgrades to non-CSL vehicles.

CSLs are known to be more performant and less purposeful for modern family driving. Using the brakes from the M3 CSL to replace the stock E36 M3 brakes allows for more efficient use of high-end E36 M3 upgrades like the ones listed below.


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